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    Monday - Friday
    8:30a.m. - 4:30p.m.

    Court Holidays

    New Years Day
    Martin Luther King Day
    Good Friday
    Memorial Day
    Independence Day

    Labor Day
    Veteran's Day
    Thanksgiving Day
    Day After Thanksgiving
    Christmas Eve & Day


    Don C. North Municipal Building
    1399 East High St. Bryan, Ohio 43506

    Mailing Address

    Bryan Municipal Court
    P.O. Box 546
    Bryan, Ohio 43506


    Phone: (419) 636-6939
    Fax: (419) 636-3417

    Department Extensions

    Traffic/Criminal #2
    Civil/Small Claims #3
    Juror Information #6



    Court Information

    Welcome to the web site of Bryan Municipal Court. The court is located in Bryan, Ohio and it serves all of Williams County, Ohio including the City of Bryan and the Villages of Blakeslee, Edon, Edgerton, Holiday City, Montpelier, Pioneer, Stryker and West Unity.

    The court handles misdemeanor criminal and traffic matters, small claims and civil cases. The court also handles arraignments and preliminary hearings of felony criminal and traffic cases. More information can be found within this website regarding the specific divisions.

    Judge Kent L. North presides over all cases filed in Bryan Municipal Court.

    Online Ticket Payment Program

    Ohio law allows certain traffic citations to be resolved by a Traffic Violations Bureau instead of appearing in Court. If your citation qualifies, payment can be made either in person, mail, or now online, as long as it is received by the Clerk's office prior to the Court date and time which can be found on the bottom of your citation. You must pay the full amount, NO partial payment can be accepted.

    Click Here to pay your ticket online.

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